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Sean Watson : Master of Illusion

Stage Show Experience:

Close-Up Experience:

Book experienced magician Sean Watson to add flair to your event and watch as he works the crowd, freeing everyone's inner child and awe.

Sean gets people talking to each other; their eyes off of their phones. He is a master at creating a space where moments happen, and memories are made.

Sean's sleight-of-hand and close-up-and-personal magic - coupled with his disarming charm - engage event attendees on an individual level; breaking down silos, building bridges and adding sheen to your brand.


Sean isn't confined by a stage. His ability to connect allows him to work a social function, a luncheon, a hospitality suite, a convention venue foyer, or a corporate board room. Each booking is planned with you to meet your goals, create an unforgettable attendee experience and if you choose, boost your digital assets and social media presence. In the time it takes to grab a coffee, Sean amazes people, puts a smile on a face and infuses an event with spark and energy.

In the age of sharing - Sean's interactions can go viral. A well-timed, well-planned bit of magic gives your brand THAT MANY MORE opportunities to be seen!

Meet Sean via his You-Tube channel, link below.

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